INVESTIGATION and Consulting Services



Offering 30+ years of investigative experience and having performed thousands of workplace and field investigations, ThreeSixty is committed to providing clients with exceptional service.

We take exceptional pride in the quality of our investigations and service offerings.

Professional Investigations

We commit to a rigorous investigative process, discerning fact from fiction, and provide clients with the necessary information to support critical decision-making processes. Investigations and services we are authorized to perform include:

Workplace Culture Assessments

Experts in organizational culture, we conduct workplace culture assessments to ensure organizational alignment with corporate values and objectives. We investigate all types of workplace concerns, including:

Sports-Related Complaints

ThreeSixty possesses an in-depth understanding of the challenges facing sports organizations. We restore confidence by investigating allegations of wrongdoing discretely and professionally.

JSE & OCDP Preparation

At ThreeSixty, we support aspiring RCMP leaders in pursuit of career objectives. We unlock the strategies to help you achieve your goals. Services include:

Customized Training

We believe education is key to transforming organizations. Our training packages provide clients with an awareness of industry insights, emerging trends, and academic research.

Commissioner of oaths (Alberta)

On a fee basis, we provide Commissioner of Oath services in and for Alberta and will travel to your location. This includes administering oaths and taking and receiving:

Document Service

ThreeSixty will arrange for the service of court-related documents on behalf of individuals, businesses, and organizations in support of judicial proceedings.

ThreeSixty Analysis is a certified training centre for the
Alberta Basic Security Training Course (ABST) and Alberta Professional Investigator Training Course (AIT).