INVESTIGATION and Consulting Services

Critical thinking is the foundation for all we do

At ThreeSixty Analysis, we seek the truth. We understand the importance of a diligent and bias-free investigation or workplace culture assessment. Offering decades of investigative experience and expertise in organizational culture, we address your concerns expediently and professionally.

Investigation and
Consulting Services


Specializing in all investigation types, including surveillance-related activities, we investigate and provide strategic advice to individuals, organizations, businesses, and government entities.

Coaching Services

Proud of our heritage, we are committed to the development of aspiring RCMP leaders and provide JSE, OCDP, and promotion-related assistance.


We perform workplace culture assessments, assist with policy and process development, and provide training on investigational standards, interview techniques, leadership, and ethics.

We tailor our services to meet your needs as we value longstanding relationships with our client base.

We offer clients an understanding of past and current events to assist with decision-making processes. Domestic or international, our global network allows us to provide investigational support worldwide.

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ThreeSixty Analysis is a member of ASIS International (American Society for Industrial Security), the Canadian Private Investigators Resource Centre, World Association of Detectives, and operates in accordance with the Security Services and Investigators Act (Alberta).