INVESTIGATION and Consulting Services


Our Experience sets us apart

We offer a unique blend of academic and professional experiences that is unrivaled. Offering decades of investigative experience and an in-depth understanding of police operations, we are intimately familiar with evidentiary requirements, investigational standards, and judicial processes. 

What separates us apart, however, is our approach. We are upfront, honest, and always place our client’s needs first. ThreeSixty is committed to producing a high-end product, revealing the truth, and providing you with the necessary information to support decision-making processes.

Why do people choose ThreeSixty?

It’s trust and experience. When clients reach out, it is because they need assistance and support. While we are highly adept at problem-solving, we are excellent listeners.

We foster a psychologically safe environment, refrain from judgment, and focus on our client’s interests. Our clients benefit from our critical thinking abilities when needed most.

Our experiences have positioned us to provide strategic advice during periods of crisis and uncertainty. We provide clients with an active voice to protect their interests and objectives.

ThreeSixty Analysis - Trust and Experience