INVESTIGATION and Consulting Services

Minor Sport Investigations

In light of recent scandals involving professional and minor sport organizations both in Canada and around the world, the importance of third-party investigations has become increasingly apparent. Transparent and thorough investigations can help to prevent future incidents and mitigate an organization’s civil exposure.

Drone-Based Surveillance

The use of drones as an investigative tool is becoming increasingly popular in the field of private investigations. Drones have the potential to provide a variety of benefits to investigators

Locates & Missing Persons

Missing persons investigations are a complex and emotionally charged area of law enforcement. In Canada, police agencies often face resource constraints

What is an OSINT Investigation?

Think of a Google search on steroids. The terms “Open Source” and “Open Source Intelligence” (OSINT) refer to personal information and data held by social media platforms, websites, academic institutions, and public government records. Of course, these are just a few sources that may be found by scraping (searching) the Internet.

3 Essential Qualities a Private Investigator Should Possess

Let’s face it. Finding someone you can trust and have confidence in is challenging. Nothing is worse than paying for a service only to feel you received less than you deserved. It happens all the time. Depending on which sports team you cheer for, this might happen often. All you want to see is a little effort. Am I right?