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What Our Clients are saying

“Three Sixty Analysis provided an unparalleled learning experience that has profoundly impacted my approach to the JSE tests. Their meticulous method of breaking down the material year by year, question by question, and even word by word was nothing short of transformative. This granular approach allowed me to identify specific areas where I needed to focus my efforts, ensuring I could optimize my study strategy for the best possible outcome. Moreover, John’s open-mindedness was instrumental in customizing the teaching methodology to my unique needs. He didn’t just teach; he adapted, ensuring that the lessons were perfectly aligned with my learning style. His flexibility and willingness to tailor the instruction made all the difference, allowing me to grasp complex concepts more effectively and with greater confidence. Thanks to Three Sixty Analysis and John’s exceptional guidance, I felt fully prepared and empowered to tackle the JSE tests with a level of clarity and understanding I hadn’t thought possible.”