INVESTIGATION and Consulting Services

Testimonial 27

I highly recommend ThreeSixty Analysis to everyone who is preparing to write the JSE. 2024 was my first year writing the exam, and I wanted to be sure I would achieve a pass on the first try. Before working with John, I wrote a practice exam and scored around 45%. After two coaching sessions, I was ready to write the JSE and scored 80%! The results speak for themselves! Thank you, John!

Testimonial 26

Three Sixty Analysis provided an unparalleled learning experience that has profoundly impacted my approach to the JSE tests. Their meticulous method of breaking down the material year by year, question by question, and even word by word was nothing short of transformative. This granular approach allowed me to identify specific areas where I needed to focus my efforts, ensuring I could optimize my study strategy for the best possible outcome. Moreover, John’s open-mindedness was instrumental in customizing the teaching methodology to my unique needs. He didn’t just teach; he adapted, ensuring that the lessons were perfectly aligned with my learning style. His flexibility and willingness to tailor the instruction made all the difference, allowing me to grasp complex concepts more effectively and with greater confidence. Thanks to Three Sixty Analysis and John’s exceptional guidance, I felt fully prepared and empowered to tackle the JSE tests with a level of clarity and understanding I hadn’t thought possible.

Testimonial 25

I went to 360 (John) completely discouraged and disgruntled with the JSE. I went from passing the JSE to failing and doing worse year after year. I lost all confidence in the exam and was close to giving up from writing it. It was effecting my future as a police officer.

John was awesome in his approach and was efficient in coaching the techniques needed to properly write and understand the question in search for the right answer. I was approaching the test in all the wrong ways and it took John to show me what I was doing wrong.

I highly support John and 360 and encourage anyone having problems with the JSE to reach out to John. I have since passed the exam and been promoted.

I owe that to John and his teachings.

Thanks John.

Testimonial 24

360 Analysis Inc. is an invaluable resource and provided assistance with JSE preparation, competency mentorship and development, as well as navigating the grievance process. John possesses a strong knowledge base when it comes to these tasks and provides continuous encouragement throughout each endeavor. With 360 Analysis Inc. you will glean a better understanding on how to study for the JSE and how to structure and develop competencies, thereby greatly improving your ability to overcome these challenges. Highly recommended!

Testimonial 23

I was able to draw upon John’s experience and expertise to navigate through the OCPD process, which surely would have been an immense challenge without him. It was very easy to schedule coaching seasons with John who was flexible throughout the process. Thank you John!

Testimonial 22

I have utilized ThreeSixty Analysis several times for the NCO RCMP exam prep and to assist in advancing my competency writing skill sets. It has been a pleasure to work with John. He is exceedingly knowledgeable, experienced, and determined to provide you with the best service and help you achieve your goals. His name was passed along by a colleague who utilized his services and had great results. He has always been personable, welcoming, and tailors an approach to your learning style. He was patient and explained things to my learning approach, worked around my schedule and specific requests. He mastered the challenge of assisting me to write competencies for a specific discipline. I am beyond pleased with the result and so appreciative to have worked with John.

Testimonial 21

I am a 20 year member and for whatever reason struggled for a passing score in my later years of service. I failed the JSE year after year and couldn’t figure out why. I was watching less experienced members promote and I was left behind. It killed my confidence and I was considering a new career. I reached out to John in a last ditch effort. John worked with me and quickly figured out my issues. I recently wrote the JSE and passed after years of failing scores. If you struggle with the JSE, stop repeating your mistakes and call John. His teachings are a game changer.

Thanks John.

Testimonial 20

I reached out for assistance in writing the JSE exam to strengthen my mark and be more competitive. I found the sessions surrounding the JSE exam to be very informative and tailored to my needs and learning style. It was interesting knowing key aspects of the exam to identify what the root problem of the question and how to proceed. I wrote after a few sessions and improved my mark.

Testimonial 19

John is simply the best at what he does. He has an unmatched wealth of knowledge and experience. There is no better service than ThreeSixty Analysis, and I will be coming back for John’s expert guidance at every stage of my career.

Testimonial 18

I felt I needed help with preparing for the JSE. I had a low passing score on my first attempt and felt that I would need some guidance if I wanted to put myself in a position to be more competitive. My instructor John Haney was very patient with explaining the steps needed to determine the best option from the answers provided. I have no regrets reaching out to get to assistance in preparing for the JSE. I have recently been promoted, so it was all worth it.